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Copywriting & Editing

Just like a song, the manner in which words are WRITTEN can set a tone for your next printed project, ad or website. If a song is upbeat and or is melancholy and serious, listeners will REACT accordingly. The same is true in print and multimedia. Readers will react to your MESSAGE based on the way it is written.


Imagine advertising to a group of teen-agers, inviting them to a contemporary concert. The ad would be written in a LANGUAGE they can relate to and understand. On the other hand, writing copy to attract senior citizens to attend a Bingo game is DRASTICALLY different.


Whether your message is upbeat or serious, the graphic artists at Design Advertising will also react. We'll get to KNOW your product or service and your audience, writing copy TAILORED specifically to your market.


If you are fond of text that's already been written, but just need it fine-TUNED, consult the graphic artists at Design Advertising, today! We'll make sure your writing has the correct GRAMMAR and punctuation. We'll add the finishing touches — dotting the i’s and crossing ALL the t’s, making your copy sure to please!

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